Am I A Candidate for Implant Dentistry?

dental implants at an implant dentistry in Denver and Cherry Creek
Implant dentistry can provide an excellent, long-term solution for replacing missing teeth and restoring your smile. Drawing on the education required for his specialist’s degree, Dr. Dobro will evaluate your implant success rate based partly on some criteria.

Dental Implant Criteria

Age: Age is not a limiting factor for implant dentistry. Whether you are 25 or 85, cosmetic dental implants offer a great way to restore your smile with a permanent tooth replacement.. Talk to Dr. Dobro about your options.

Oral Hygiene: If you take good care of your mouth, the success rate for anchoring or cosmetic dental implants is extremely high.

Jawbone Mass: Dr. Dobro will be able to determine your oral health with a comprehensive dental exam. It is important to have sufficient jawbone mass in order to anchor the dental implant to the bone. If you have less than ideal bone density, mini dental implants are also available to help make implant dentistry a viable option.

History of Gum Disease: If you’ve lost your teeth to gum disease or tooth decay, you will make a great candidate for dental implants, though you may need to improve your oral care routine in order to fully benefit from this procedure.

Dentures: Do you already wear dentures to replace missing teeth? Implant dentistry can be used in conjunction with dentures as a way to anchor the dentures more securely into the mouth. This is a simpler and less expensive alternative to a fixed-in-place restoration. It will give you a greater feeling of confidence during daily activities like eating, talking, and smiling. It can usually be upgraded later to a fixed-in-place solution if you desire.

Smoking: In addition to the health risks it poses, smoking can also decrease your chances of a successful implant dentistry procedure. However, it doesn’t rule it out completely. We have seen much improved results by using the revolutionary L-PRF technique. If you smoke, ask Dr. Dobro about how you can become an ideal dental implant candidate.

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