Replace Those Missing Teeth

Did you know that sharks typically lose at least one tooth a week? Because of how their teeth are arranged in their mouths, the missing tooth can be replaced in a day. That’s approximately 35,000 lost teeth in a lifetime!

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Why Bridges Are Inferior To Dental Implants

It is clear to dentists that dental implants are normally always the better treatment option for their patients. Let Dr. Neil Dobro and Dr. Jeremy Miner help explain the dental implant procedure and what to expect in person.

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It’s Time To Smile With A Full Set Of Teeth

There’s no better time than now to replace that missing tooth and restore your smile. Dental implants are the best option and New Image Dental Implant Center has been helping patients for years now.

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Why Dental Implants Cost Less

Investing in dental implants can actually save you money and prevent more significant health problems in the future.

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Cherry Creek: A Prosthodontist Is An Expert In Dentures

A prosthodontist has attended additional schooling to learn how to make the best possible denture or fixed bridge to fit just right for your mouth and bite.

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Dental Implants May Require Soft Tissue or Bone Grafts

He knows when certain tissue grafts must be made to avoid unaesthetic outcomes or even worst—nerve damage.

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Dental Implant Vs Fixed Bridge

It is difficult to decide what is the best option between a dental implant and a fixed bridge.

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Choosing A Tooth Replacement

A dental implant is supported by a titanium rod that bonds to the jawbone, making the dental implant more stable than any other replacement option for Denver patients.

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Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover

At New Image Dental Implant Center, our Denver oral & maxillofacial surgeons want you to know you can experience same day dentures and All on 4 dental implants to give you a new smile in just one day.

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Dental Implant Postoperative Care

After successfully placing hundreds of dental implants, our Denver dental implant dentists have learned what works best in the healing process. Call us today!

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